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Your second most powerful number is your Expression Number. In your number chart you will have 5 different numbers.

Your expression number is


What does it mean to have a Expression Number 11?

Having Expression Number 11, your strengths and characteristics lie in your intuition, sense of awaking and being a visionary. You are creative, supportive, and cooperative. Thriving when you can create and start new projects; you are an inspiration and motivation with your great ideas. People find it captivating to be around you. You are transformative and find inspiration in all aspects of your life.

As someone with The Master Number 11 you value deep and meaningful relationships. People who understand your needs and visions. You are confident and graceful and might notice people naturally lean on you for help and guidance. You thrive in creative and engaging environments where you can be innovative and grow as a person.

Being extremely sensitive to energies, this can be overwhelming sometimes because the vibration may become so strong, it can be hard for you to stay in tune and focus your energy.

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Get your full number chart

The full report will help you understand who you truly are

The number chart consists of 5 numbers, where you’ve already discovered life path and expression number. In addition to these, you also have Soul Urge, Personality and Birthday number. To help you better understand, a full report will show the combination of all the numbers put together in order to see the bigger picture. Are you ready to dive in?

Disclaimer: All your personal information is handled under strict confidence. Eleven Jewelry will never give away any of your personal information to 3rd parties. All information is encrypted for safety.

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